My 2017 Business Goals & Word of the Year (+ free Goal Tracker printable!)

Hello there!

I had the idea for this blog post in my head in late December, with the full intention of getting it up by January 1st - and here we are, late January :') Anyone else just super flat out?!

That being said, it has been a stellar start to 2017 already, and I couldn't have asked for a more busy successful month. January is a time for new beginnings, resolution and goal setting, and getting back on track (or on a new track!) with your plans.

So without further ado! My business goals for the year are:

Smartening up my Yes's and No's

As a newbie to the freelance design game (but a long time creative), I am so eager to prove myself, take on the world, and say yes to every opportunity I am lucky enough to get thrown my way. Fast forward seven or so months down the track from when I started, I have found that saying YES is great and all, but you have to be SMART about it. If you get a big opportunity come your way, make sure it sits right with your process, your values, and just rings true.

Breanna of Rowan Made 

ACTION STEP: Saying yes to the right opportunities, and learning to say no when appropriate

Make time for automation, scheduling, and passive income earning

I LOVE the idea of automation, scheduling, and passive income, I mean who wouldn't want to make their life easier time and monetary-wise? The part I struggle with is actually sitting down and making the time to get my act together and set up better systems. This all changes this year!

ACTION STEP: Find the right tools and get a solid foundation in place

Build a terrific local business support network

There were a few times last year where I felt overwhelmed and didn't know quite where or who to turn to (apart from my lovely other half, and my fav creative friend Kirsten Morris Creative). And then I found Facebook Groups such as Melyssa Griffin's Business BFFs (formerly Blog + Business BFFs), Being Boss and Think Creative Collective and suddenly a whole new world of support and inspiration opened up. I saw these guys and gals connecting and catching up in person, and decided I WANT THAT! but on a more local scale, here in little New Zealand.

ACTION STEP:  Get out of comfort zone and talk and meet people IRL, make it happen!

Simplify simplify simplify

You can do anything, but not everything - David Allen

I used to argue this all the time, who says I can't do everything?! Why not! Nothing will hold me back or stop me! Again, fast-forward seven months and a whole lot of learning through experience, and I had arrived at the point where I no longer have FOMO at the prospect of not offering a service to a client. In reality, I know there a tonne of things I can do, BUT there are people out there who have the time and passion for those services, and I want to start referring work on to those fantastic people. 

ACTION STEP:  Really focus on the services I offer and nail down the things I love creating and doing VS the things I can do but aren't AS passionate about. Also build a links page of cool people I would love to refer clients on to.

And finally, my word of the year:


What does balance mean to me, and why have I chosen this particular word? Balance has always interested me, as it seems simple in theory, but put into practice ... well it feels like a juggling act some of the time!

The above graphic is such a beautiful representation of where I would love my lifestyle to sit, and something I want to strive towards. To find that balance between FT work, freelance work, and my little passive income streams would be ideal, and then to balance that again with time spent with my other half, friends and family, health and wellness, and then finally SLEEP.

I think it is all possible, it is just going to come down to getting real with priorities, what has to stay, what has to go, and finding that sweet balanced spot! In the coming months, I am going to do a series on practical and simple ways to balance your lifestyle, so stay tuned for that!

And last but not least, don't forget to download my FREE A4 Goal Tracker printable as a big thank you for reading this post and supporting my goals this year!


What are your business goals for this year? Do you have a power word for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!