Caroline M Wood


Caroline M Wood


Caroline wanted a calming, retro/vintage feel for her new branding, as her business is helping people connect with their community and find clients through Facebook ads, which can be a very hectic and hard process (unless you have someone amazing like Caroline helping you!)

We took her original website header image and made it black and white and included it in her new branding, as it had the right feel of her style, and was a great way to illustrate people.

The megaphone icon is representative of 'marketing' or in this case Facebook ads and marketing, the organic twisted vine to evoke the feeling of untangling, and the small bee to show buzzing business.


February 2017


Caroline M Wood website

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Caroline M Wood Brandboard. 
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"For my core values, I want to convey a sense of calm.

People often come to me feeling a bit stressed because they have been battling Facebook ads - my aim is to get them to unstress whether it is because I take things over for them or they get the skills they need.