Margie's Hi-Vibe Life


Margie works with individuals who are ready to take responsibility to become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves

Margie's Hi-Vibe Life helps people to find the space and courage to discover their purpose in life and how best to use their unique talents to contribute to the world and start living their truth.

Our goal for this website was to truly showcase Margie’s vibrant and warm personality and services with thoughtful placement of information, easy to read layout and really weave her branding and imagery through every facet of the design.

Customised plugins were used to make the website look and feel very bespoke and way beyond the Brine template base. A special dropdown navigation was used to future proof Margie’s menu once she begins to add more services, auto-play carousel for testimonials and blog post summaries, her freebies are built within a blog to ensure they are easy for Margie to add to (as easy as adding a blog post!) which will help her sustain a great website with little upkeep.

The blog itself includes a custom coded blog sidebar as well as a pop up Mailchimp sign up embed. The sidebar makes the blog both easy for Margie’s followers to find out more info, contact her or see more resources and is also extremely easy for Margie to update when needed.

Margie's Hi-Vibe Life website - by January Made Design