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TsCEO brings together education, inspiration and community for female entrepreneurs. The website will offer resources to help optimize an existing business or get one started, guidance on daily life as an entrepreneur, and a Facebook community for users to come together, network, ask questions, and support each other.

Megan and I worked wonderfully together on her brand to bring it to life, she had a sound understanding of what her brand values were, an idea of colour with a found HEX code she loved, and she provided fantastic feedback that helped move the project on at lightening speed.

The brand came together as a clean, minimal design with feminine touches, a colour palette that popped with the right amount of pink hues and strong feminine coppers and greys. The circular logo with the handwritten font compliments the light sans serif, and the logo and corresponding marks are different yet cohesive, meaning they can be used in a number of situations.


Sophisticated, Minimalist, Feminine

Date Completed

January 2017


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