Vision Auto Sales Blenheim website. 


Vision Auto Sales Blenheim is a luxury European car dealership run by John Sloot in Marlborough, New Zealand. The business model is simple - The best vehicles at the best prices in New Zealand. 


Create a simple, clean website that gives the new business a presence on the web, while also developing a following via a new Facebook page. 

Vision Auto Sales Blenheim also has a North Island counterpart, Vision Auto Sales Auckland, which uses strong warm colours and well-formed content. To distinguish between the two dealerships, we chose to mirror the existing logo and compliment it with a monochromatic colour scheme, and let the photos and cars speak for themselves.

As well as the base website development, we also worked alongside AutoPlay to integrate their automotive tool into the Squarespace interface. Vision Auto Sales uses AutoPlay to load pictures, descriptions, prices and other details of their cars into one central location and then push that info to other sites like Trademe or AutoTrader. By embedding AutoPlay into the new Squarespace website, it meant that John could seamlessly update his car details without then having to add anything to website.

As well as the website, January Made Design also set up a Facebook page for Vision, including profile and banner graphics, account details and permissions, scheduled content, and an overview of how to use the social media platform.


Website: Site has now been taken over by Motorcentral, a specialized car dealership platform

Facebook: Vision Auto Sales Blenheim