“…you better believe if we work together, I’ll be your biggest supporter and only ever have your best business interests at heart (cute, right?)”

Nicole Macdonald

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All about the business

I had something written here that summed up the studio pretty well, but it just sounded so dry! So let’s take it from the top, because I’m all about transparency and just down to earth-ness (it’s totally a word). Although I like to refer to JMD as a studio, it really isn’t - it’s just me, a girl born in Marlborough, New Zealand, now living in Palmerston North, lover of design and all things creative, sitting at my desk each day and working hard on projects I love with dream clients I choose to work with.

Nothing fancy, just a ‘studio’ (the fourth bedroom in our house) that is passionate about solid brand creation, functional AND beautiful Squarespace design, and graphic design of anything else I can get my hands on.

If I had to describe my style? I’d say distinctively simple and clean, inspired by strong typography and always a bond of beauty and function (I’ll never create something just ‘pretty’ for you, it has to be intentional and thoughtful).

I am all about taking your vision and running with it, working collaboratively with your dreams to create exactly what your target audience needs. If we work together, it’s as a team, an alliance, a blood pact…okay ignore that last part…but you better believe if we work together, I’ll be your biggest supporter and only ever have your best business interests at heart (cute, right?).

I’ve worked with people from all over the world, and it still makes my heart skip a beat when I get an enquiry from another country - like what an age we live in, for that to be possible?! So never hesitate to get in touch if you are over the ditch from New Zealand, because I will always be so happy to hear from you. Tiny start up? or been established for years? This studio loves to work with businesses of any shape and size and because it’s just little old me behind the computer, we’ll be working 1:1 and you’ll be at the top of my priority list.


The January Made core values


+ Commitment

+ Consistency

+ Honesty

+ Efficiency

+ Quality

+ Innovation

+ Creativity

+ Positivity

+ Collaboration

+ Passion

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Meet the Designer

Nicole Macdonald

Nicole Macdonald - January Made Design

Avid designer, will greet you with an over the top smile and talk your ears off about all things creative, small business and probably pets (everyone loves pets). Serial over-sharer on social media, you’ll be able to find her most days sitting at her trestle table working away with a green tea and surrounded by too many house plants and most likely a cat stretched across her keyboard.

Key identifiers:

Using too many emojis and exclamation marks in emails, can often be seen stealing nicely designed brochures and print items. Refers to oneself as a ‘potato’ if she has to speak over the phone.


Adopting dogs (has one rescue called Poppy, is supposedly a Collie X but the jury is out on that one), fanatically changing up her office space daily because #interiorporn and health/lifestyle and fitness podcasts (WAY more than productivity/business ones strangely).


Lack of commitment/people who won’t stick to a timeline, hissyfits, animal cruelty/animal testing, the cold, salmon and also semi-hates her iPhone which won’t update as there isn’t enough space on it for her 5,000+ photos.

great to work with if:

You like someone down to earth, super passionate about getting the design right and not just done, someone who will be your champion and want your business to succeed. Also if you value commitment, like to prioritise your projects and love sticking to a timeline.

Not so great to work with if:

You need someone who will call you over the phone or Skype often, if you just want a ‘yes person’ who will design you what you ask for and not what you need, or if you are prone to hissyfits/temper tantrums/haggling over pricing and/or can’t meet deadlines.

January Made loves working with passionate, committed businesses who have a vision for their project. Does that sound like you? Let's work together!