January Made Design

The Studio

January Made Design is a boutique Branding and Website design studio, based in the sunny region of Marlborough, New Zealand. Founded by Nicole Macdonald, this one-woman team is an experienced graphic designer with a keen eye for the details and an in-depth knowledge of brand creation, Squarespace websites and Instagram design.

January Made is known for its distinctively simple and clean design style inspired by strong typography, natural elements and a nod to the bond of beauty and function (I’ll never create something just ‘pretty’ for you, it will be well thought out and have purpose behind it!). The studio crafts beautiful, meaningful designs for clients in both locally and internationally and for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Once we begin a project, January Made takes great care in ensuring your business reaches its full potential and maximum exposure with thoughtful and intentional design. I create designs that are contemporary, sophisticated and that reflect your business message and values.

At the start up stage or even after being established for years, investing in new design can be stressful and a very busy time while you are still working hard on your business, so I make sure to keep the process as simple and streamlined as possible. I put in the hours so that you can focus on what you do best and the end result is a happy client (YOU!), a beautiful complete design and an engaged target audience ready to try/buy/get in touch with you.


the name:

January Made Design - new beginnings, fresh starts, a year unfolding with possibilities, resolutions made for January.

The January Made core values


+ Reliability

+ Consistency

+ Honesty

+ Efficiency

+ Quality

+ Innovation

+ Creativity

+ Positivity

+ Collaboration

+ Passion

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Meet the Designer

Nicole Macdonald

Nicole Macdonald - January Made Design

As the founder and one-woman creative behind January Made Design, Nicole is in charge of crafting brands and websites from start to finish and always delivers quality work with clean efficiency and a buzz of energy.

After completing a Bachelor of Visual Communication at Massey University in Wellington, NZ, Nicole decided to gain real world work experience and moved back to her home region of Marlborough to work at the local Council. This experience of local government was where she quickly learned all about budgets, website best practices, balancing multiple clients and tackling a wide range of both print and digital projects and gave her a sound understanding of time management and working to guidelines.

On the side, Nicole began flexing her creative muscles and soon January Made was born, an outlet where she could delve into personal projects and start to carve out her own unique style. Soon, January Made started to flourish past just a side hustle, and in March 2018, the studio became her full time job. Now as Head Creative, Nicole brings her passion for typography, clean lines and strong but simple layouts as well as her love of neutral colours and natural textures to her designs.

Nicole believes strongly in delivering her clients with comprehensive and cohesive design suites and websites that reflect the unique style of their business and brand and loves the opportunity to get creative on a daily basis to interpret different client briefs to create functional and stylish designs that are unique, memorable and truly bespoke.

With all this design going on, Nicole likes to take some time to relax with her partner Josh who works in the NZ Defence Force, their two cats Odin and Chatty (it meows…a lot) and rescue dog, 5 year old collie cross Poppy. They enjoy heading out to the local wineries and sampling their cheeseboards, and heading away on weekend adventures which is easy when they live in such a beautiful little country.

Aside from being positively obsessed with all things design, Nicole is also interested in interior design (which is also becoming an obsession since they purchased their first home together in 2017), travel which she is hoping to do a lot more of in the coming years, and is a bit of a health and fitness enthusiast and likes to try and get to the gym as much as possible after a long day at the computer.

January Made loves working with passionate, committed businesses who have a vision for their project. Does that sound like you? Let's work together!

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