That's a Wrap!

Although our project together is almost over, just because our work is done for now doesn't mean I'll be leaving you high and dry! I've put together some answers to FAQs, links and guides to help support you through taking ownership of the design or website we worked together on. Now that we have worked together, I will be your biggest supporter and am on hand to answer any questions or queries. Thank you so much for choosing January Made Design as your creative destination, and as always, if you ever have any questions thatI don't answer here, please feel free to shoot me an email

Branding/Design Projects

You've signed off on the final design(s) and it's almost time to show them off to the world! Once your final payment is received, I'll prepare final files to send for download. Here's a bit about that process along with some helpful tips: 

  1. Your final files will be sent to you via Dropbox or Google Drive and you'll be asked to save them to your own computer or cloud storage service. (I highly recommend saving them to Dropbox or Drive in addition to saving on a local computer!) I do keep copies saved on my end but January Made can't be responsible for warehousing everything we've ever designed; that's a lot of data! If you lose access to your files in the future, I'll do my best to help you restore them from our archives but there may be costs associated with doing so.

  2. Your designs will likely be saved in multiple different file formats. Here's a quick run down on what's what:

    • JPGs and PNGs are for web use.

    • The PNGs have a transparent background so that you can put the file somewhere and not see an ugly white box around it.

    • The PDFs are in vector format so if you're working with someone in the future and they ask you for a vector version of your file, this is what to send them!

  3. If our work included creating a brand style guide for you, we'll include that as a PDF file in your folder. It may include color codes and font files or links. We recommend downloading this and sharing it with anyone and everyone that may work on branded assets for you now or in the future. Sometimes the only magic to branding is consistency so unless there's some major reason why it's not possible (and we can't think of many) we recommend never deviating from the colors and fonts we've selected for your brand.

Website Projects

As we gear up for launch day, we'll need to receive your final payment. Then it's time to transition the site and put you in the driver's seat. Here's a bit on that process:

  1. If we created your account for you, we'll transfer ownership to you. Once we do this, we may ask you to add us back as contributors. We recommend doing this so that we can easily make updates for you in the future. However, unless we have more work lined up (such as blogging or SEO) at this point you can feel free to kick us off the site. If you set up your own site in the beginning and invited us to contribute to begin with, here's how to remove us.

  2. We've prepared this helpful guide to basic management of your new site, which also includes direct links to the most useful help articles in the Squarespace Knowledge Base. One of the reasons why we love Squarespace is because their customer service is top notch so even though we can definitely just be in charge of managing your website for you, we believe that you should feel empowered to do so yourself if you'd like.

  3. The most common activities you'll likely take on your site are editing text and adding photos. Through our styling phase, we've already formatted all of the text for you so all you have to do is click and start typing! Here's a helpful link on how text blocks work in Squarespace if you need help. Adding photos is also super easy using image blocks or galleries. If we set up any tags or categories for you that are integral to how your visitors interact with your content, you can read more about managing those here.

  4. If you're feeling super overwhelmed and Squarespace help isn't working for you, feel free to email us to set up a live training session. If you're local, we can host you and your team in our office; if you're from far away, we can work with you by video or screensharing! This is sometimes an add-on that can be well worth it!

Keep The Momentum Going

If you're sad that our time together is coming to a close, don't worry; building a brand is an ever-evolving process so here are a few ways we can work together again in the future. Our favorite clients are ones that we can earn the opportunity to grow with over many projects and many years. 

Graphic Design

  • Business Cards

  • Brochures

  • Marketing Items

  • Annual Reports


  • Website design

  • Content Updates / Maintenance

Social Media

  • New Profile Setup

  • Content Calendars

  • Social Media Management