Megs + Soph

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Megs + Soph - Wholefood Athletes


Megs and Soph of hosted a competition for their followers to present logo options for a new branding refresh, with an emphasis on a cleaner, crisper fresher look, and little January Made Design won! This branding was super fun to do as the pressure was off and I could get really creative without too many restraints (plus these guys are my idols and I felt so honoured to give this a shot and be picked!) :)


Megs + Soph website

Megs + Soph Facebook

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  • clean and fresh look
  • colour: navy and white
  • wording: megs and soph
  • extra wording optional: whole food athletes
  • fonts: any however we like the flowing, calligraphy types and the straight ones. Not times new roman type fonts.
  • a few key words to help: kiwi’s (NZ), messy kitchen, messy hair, fitness, whole-foods, 


Tropical, Simple, Fresh, Nature-inspired


June 2017

Megs and Soph Brandboard.