The Social Boutique

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The Social Boutique brand is elegant in detail, modern yet classic, with a touch of movement created by the wonderful script font.

This brand is up for sale by the previous owner who has her hands full with other wonderful projects, so is wanting to sell the brand files as is.

Because of the broad name, this delightful set-up could be used for:

  • Any social media biz
  • Copywriting/marketing biz
  • A social group or women’s group
  • A community-minded hub or biz
  • An online agency
  • An ecommerce store

Please get in touch with Andrea on +64 027 699 6629 or email.

Please note: All font files, stock photography and printing services are not included in the purchase, nor is the established business, just the branding files.

The Social Boutique Brandboard.