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Simply Grater Events & Design

Simply Grater Events & Design - January Made Design

Brand Mission Statement
Simply Grater believes in creating more with less, but this doesn't mean dull or inexpensive. In a world that would have us all believe that bigger is better, Simply Grater Events & Design believe it's important to focus on quality over quantity. When it comes to celebrating marriage, birthdays or the upcoming arrival of tiny new human, Simply Grater believes all want to smile and enjoy it with those we cherish most.

Core Values
Embrace individuality. Live with purpose. Create more with less. Contribute.

Design and coordinating services as well as decor and other event rentals. Small, intimate, charming yet practical events. Simply Grater wants their clients to relax and focus on their special event and leave all the details to us.

If your brand was a person, what words would other people use to describe them?
Laid back, Generous, Mindful, Light hearted, Meticulous, Adventurous, Authentic, Practical, Spirited.

Simply Grater Events & Design - January Made Design