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The creative process

I take on a limited number of new clients per month to ensure that each project gets the attention it deserves. You will work directly with me (Yay!), and will be involved in the process every step of the way.  Although the process varies slightly depending on the client and scope of work, this will give you a general idea of what to expect.


Interested in how each project works? check out my Process and Timeline overviews for my three most popular packages.
I send these timelines to my real clients!

Branding Timeline - January Made Design

Logo & Branding

Process and Timeline

Pro Website Timeline - January Made Design

Pro Squarespace Website

Process and Timeline

Premium Website Timeline - January Made Design

Premium Squarespace Website

Process and Timeline

01 / Match up

Check out the 'Are We a Good Match section' below and just have a quick scan to see if we will be a good match. I love to work with you if you are committed to the process, passionate about your business but willing to give me creative freedom according to your vision, and ready to get this project started!

02 / Take Your Pick

The second important step, choose a design package that suits your needs. Click the 'Inquire' button to tell me a little about yourself, your business, project scope, and how I can help you.

03 / Meet Up

Don't let distance keep us apart, whether you live locally or abroad, I’ll get in touch with you, tell you how excited I am to work with you and we’ll schedule an email chit chat / Skype call / coffee date to get to know each other and the project at hand better, compare schedules and start to delve into some design magic together.

04 / Make It Official

You’ll first receive a quote to approve the project details, our timeline and the package pricing (this is where you can let me know if I have missed anything/there is any other services you need/want!), then you’ll pay a 50% deposit to officially start our creative journey together. The 50% deposit is due before any work commences, and is required to book your spot on my calendar.

05 / Your Turn

This is a two-way relationship, and your business insight is invaluable. To make sure we have a strong base to build your project upon, I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out about your business, your audience and your vision. This will become my brief for the design and I will begin to search for visual inspiration for creative direction that we want to take.

+ Branding

The first step in this process is a moodboard which helps us get on the same page design-wise. It will include things like colours, textures, fonts, patterns, imagery, and other inspiration. Please note this is to help with the overall direction, and all content used in the moodboard will not be the final imagery/fonts/colours used as we will build upon this direction to make it unique to you.

+ Websites

Before I start building your website, you will send me through all finalised copy and content including hi-res imagery and give me direction as to where you might like certain images to go. You will also have ready your custom domain name, and any links and/or plugin code relevant to your new website.

06 / Design and Refine

+ Branding

Once a moodboard and visual direction has been signed off by you, I’ll start crafting 2-3 logo concepts that highlight certain aspects of what makes you business special. You will receive the concepts and from the feedback you give me, we will continue to refine for 3 rounds (if we need 3) to design a brand suite that perfectly tells the story of your business and targets your ideal customer.

+ Websites

Once I have your final copy and imagery, I will begin to build the framework of your website. I start first with your business details in the background, things like biz desciption, hours of operation (if applicable), email address, physical location etc. Next I add your text to your sections, build pages, add business imagery, and design the look and feel of your site.

Once I am satisfied with the first 'look', I will send you a link to your site for you to review and feed back on. You have 3 refinement rounds which include minor changes like adding/removing an graphic elements, changing the size or hierachy of headings and copy, changing colours, swapping imagery, and any minor spelling or grammar corrections.

Once the site has been finalised and signed off on, I complete your SEO, add you as a contributor to the site, connect your custom domain, and send you a link to purchase your hosting plan, and then your website is effectively live!

07 / Sign off and Save

After you have signed off on any final designs, I will package up your files into a Google Drive folder, with every format necessary to make you are are always covered. I also include a help file just so you know what type to use and when. Also in your final folder will be your brand guidelines, colour palette, fonts used, and collateral designs.

08 / Launch and Relax!

Celebration! Your new website, brand, or design is now live and ready to launch. Once you have begun to promote your new design to the world, I will showcase it on my website and social media channels as I am your biggest supporter, and cannot wait to see you succeed!

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Are we a good match?


  • You are ready to launch your project and have all the details ready to go to start the design process.
  • You love the styles of my recent work and aesthetic.
  • You understand this is a business investment and a two-way relationship. We work together making sure the project is moving and deadlines are met.
  • You are willing to give me design freedom according to your vision.
  • You want a designer that will 100% back your idea and loves to see your endeavour succeed.

not so much, IF:

  • You are not sure where you want your business to go or what content you need to start.
  • You don't have quite enough clarity yet to fill out the Design Questionnaire.
  • You are not open to new design ideas and layouts.
  • You need every design detail to be exactly the way you think it should be. 
  • You do not connect with the styles of my recent work and aesthetic.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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